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Trauma Response causing your poor gut health

Nov 05,2023 | Joule Goddess

That's an interesting concept. Your trauma response is causing you to feel bloated, gain weight, and have visceral fat, or leaky gut.  These are just some of the outcomes from trauma that you may not have even realized existed. That's because psychology has been separated from diet and lifestyle. It wasn't until today, when leaders in neuroscience like Huberman and Dr. Amen, that we are realizing that they go hand in hand,

If you have depression, anxiety, weight gain, or bad sleeping habits once your psychologist would assume it's your body, not your trauma. Today we know that it's your trauma that can cause your cortisol to rise, your insulin to be resistant and your body's organs to struggle. 

When you are triggered you react based on your trauma. That raises your cortisol, in turn, causes your body to become inflamed, and your gut to struggle to make serotonin, therefore, causing anxiety and depression. This also affects your melatonin production which as you may know affects your circadian rhythm and your sleeping pattern.

There are some valuable things you can incorporate into your daily self-care routine to help manage your trauma response, to help you understand when you are triggered and how you can react differently, coming at it from a more neutral space. Journaling is the key to helping you get started.

By getting a journal that has prompts for you to check on your moods,  your reactions,  your daily routines, and being accountable for gratitude practice, proven to help your healthier mindset.