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Get Unstuck in 5 Simple Steps

Nov 05,2023 | Joule Goddess

It took me 2920 days to create Joulebody that’s about 96 months. My husband reminded me that when I started Joulebody there was only one client. That was it. She wanted me to cook and I did. She wanted me to make her juices and I did. She wanted to have a plan that didn’t interfere with her weekend plans, and I did. That client became 4 which turned into 10 and turned into 20 and finally became 1500 in a year. I cooked and connected with that many people by sharing my idea of what is healthy and how they should do it.

But then I closed. And all of a sudden the adrenaline of achieving isn’t there, the hopes, the dreams, the desire, the craving, the taste, the feelings –all gone. Just like that. I promised myself that I wouldn’t think of myself as a failure if something happened to Joulebody and I had to close. I promised myself I would remember that I created this. But when Joulebody closed, and I would not keep that promise I made myself.

I spent 311 days beating myself up, feeling like a straight up failure with my purpose being “just a mom and a wife.” It felt as if my feet were dipped in concrete. I couldn’t move. It was so damn heavy. Then day 312 came and I started to feel lighter. Then day 400 and I began to build my credentials, share my experience, and connect with my family.

What happened after day 311?

I sat down and began to write. I wrote in the morning and I wrote in the evening. I didn’t stop. And I felt myself shedding so much of the trauma, the anger and the fears I was attached to from early on in my life.

That’s how you get stuck. You get stuck if you don’t wake up. To become awake allowed me to see the divine feminine energy within me. The goddess’s that were here guiding me and supporting my goals, my dreams, basically, my life’s purpose. I let go of the weight I had been carrying and my feet got lighter. I was able to step one foot in front of the other effortlessly, because after writing I released the traumas that no longer serve me.

“My Mess Is My Message.” - said someone to me once and I felt it.

Here’s How To Get Unstuck

Step #1: write your story –Start with a seven chapter outline with each having just a few paragraphs introducing the topic for each chapter

Step #2: Make your last chapter the outcome. What is it that you want, why do you want it and what do you need to do to get there

Step # 3: Write it. Make the title for each chapter represent a positive outcome for something you didn’t know how you would handle

Step #4: Take one week to write a chapter everyday. Don’t worry about grammer or length, just get the words to flow onto the paper or screen

Step #5: Invest in yourself. Find a mentor, a practitioner or a coach who’s expertise is focused on your struggle. Like my work, specialized in gut-brain health coaching. That means I help you create gut-healthy habits for your peak performance in all areas of your life. That’s what I do. Maybe that works for you. If you think it may but now sure or if you know and are ready to take the next step, set up an appointment to discuss your goals.

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