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(3) Easy Steps To Detox Bad Eating Habits

Nov 05,2023 | Joule Goddess

My husband knows me well enough to know my passion is living a healthy lifestyle. He also knows I struggle to keep true to this. I struggle, he struggles, my kids struggle. Sometimes we question if we have an eating disorder. I mean WTF. If we know that by eating certain foods we will feel healthier, be happier and have more energy then why is there even an option.

I’ve witnessed friends and family members I love struggle from illnesses caused by an unhealthy lifestyle . I’ve worked with clients who had to rebuild their bodies and minds to get on track to what they wanted for their lives, and I am watching people I love live in dis-ease because they believe there is no other way, pain and discomforts are part of being human.

Why do I struggle with choosing only anti inflammatory, organic, whole Foods over chips and Starbucks soy chai latte?

We are made up of energy. If we are surrounded by the energy of all wholesome, clean, organic, plant based then we vibrate with our surroundings. If we are in an environment that is not stressful and doesn’t require us to need an escape, then of course we sleep better and we think clearly. We are in line with our ultimate lifestyle desires.

If I had it my way I wouldn’t drink alcohol, I wouldn’t eat cheese, and I would drink filtered, alkaline water –plenty. I would meditate twice a day, go for a run a few times a week, practice yoga everyday, and add some weight training in there twice weekly. Did I mention I would go to bed by 10 and wake by 6. I would read plenty and and sit little.

Yeah, that’s how I would live. I know how I feel when I live this way. I’ve done it for periods of time and I do it often enough to keep me on track, however I don’t do it everyday, here’s why.

I study a lot about the neuro-connection of our body & mind vs our actions & reactions. I know that our gut and how we move affects our brain. I experience it on a daily. Science has proven there is a real addictive connection in our brains to sugar, processed foods and fried foods that is worst than cocaine, but yet it’s available to use at a low financial cost but HIGH long-term cost.

What do we do about this and why should we do anything?

Here’s my plan for Detoxing Eating Habits:

  1. WRITE –I always write to reconnect with the noise in my head. Ask yourself questions like, am I depressed? Am I sad? Am I over excited? Am I balanced? Am I worried? Am I feeling tired? What are you?

  2. CREATE –Now you need to create a ritual to Detox from that thought. Since we are talking about food here, let’s create a ritual that detaches you from a toxic ingredient that is no longer serving you, like sugar. Create a ritual that replaces when you usually have your sugar.

  3. RELEASE – Seriously, you can not make excuses all the time for why everyday you need a drink or everyday you need chips. You just can’t. So make it your mission to give it up for 7, 14, 21 or 120 days. No excuse. It’s your health and happiness on the line here. We want to detox your attachment to the food and there’s no other way than to just let it go.

Eating crappy food is short lived. You feel good for a moment, but the impact it has on your gut is what brings on disease. It causes inflammation in our gut, which then goes to our brain. The only way to truly create a healthier lifestyle is to start and remember that it won’t be perfect. There will be days you just want to eat ice cream, a burger or fries, that’s ok. Giving permission to start again is what has helped me and my clients keep going and keep creating a lifestyle that creates Peak Performance in all areas of life.

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